Technical springs

We produce all common types of springs

We produce all common types of springs in piece and serial production in a customized manner.

We co-operate on spring designs on free of charge basis. In some situations, we suggest repairs of older springs (hammering, overturning).

If you have any problem with the design, manufacture or repair of springs, do not hesitate to contact us. Our employees will be happy to help you find the right solution.

Range of goods

PRESSURE (with abraded or not abraded screw-threads)

  • cylindrical (with regular or progressive ascending threads)
  • conical
  • barrel


Eyelet shapes:
  • German eyelet
  • English eyelet
  • half German eyelet
  • half German elongated eyelet
  • raised sideways (off axis)
  • Hook rolled up (eyelet separated from the spring body)
  • without eyelets (threaded part screwed in)


  • Radial suspension, around the axis, for example, rotates the roller blinds
  • These springs can be straight (without legs)
  • or with different shaped legs


  • direct
  • shaped or optionally threaded (stabilizers)


  • widely defined shapes with a variety of uses


  • Carrier, cable ducts, sewer cleaner
  • Spiral springs
  • Disc springs
  • leaf springs
  • Shaped springs
  • direct
  • angled or shaped

The most common types of springs

Tension spring, hook rolled up

Cylindrical compression spring, applied end turns, ground

Clock spiral spring (drive spring)

Conical compression spring

Torsion bar

Extension springs with English eyelet

Tension spring, English eyelet

Split pin

Tension spring, half German eyelet

Belleville spring

Double leg spring

Spiral spring / roller spring

Form spring


How to order

Personally,.by e-mail or fax.
Of course, a personal meeting in our office speeds up all the services associated with ordering, paying or picking up the goods.

Our quality system requires the following procedure:

  • Clarification of technical requirements (drawing, sketch, pattern)
  • Your order (quantity, pickup, address, Id. Nr.)
  • Our draft contract with the exact price and date (mutual declaration of intent and confirmation of the contract terms)
  • Production, notification, shipment of goods