Technical springs

We produce all common types of springs (compression spring, disc spring, etc.) in piece and series production in a customized manner. We collaborate on spring designs for free.

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Special formsmandrels

Mandrels are special tool forms for curing automotive hose groups. The non-vulcanized rubber hose blanket is threaded onto the mandrel, secured with caps at both ends ...

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Electric motors repairs

Opravna elektromotorů s dlouholetou tradicí (dříve firma Dezort v Plzni Doudlevcích) Přijedeme na Vaše pracoviště a podle rozsahu poruchy se domluvíme na postupu opravy, který Vám nejlépe vyhoví. +420 608 441


Excavation and field constructions

Installation of utilities, repairs of watercourses and ponds, pond construction, repair and reinforcement of surfaces, demolition, transport ...

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