Electric motors


Repair of electric motors with a long tradition (formerly the company Dezort in Pilsen Doudlevce).

We will gladly visit you personally and depending on the extent of the disruption we will arrange the most suitable repair procedure together with you.

We repair all listed machines up to max. Voltage 1 kV and max. Weight 4 tons. The insulation of the new winding is performed for the class "H".

Types of engines we repair

  • Slip-ring motors
  • Short cage motors
  • Synchronous motors and generators
  • DC motors
  • Multi-phase commutator motors (so-called Schrage motors)
  • transformers
  • welding equipment
  • Low-voltage asynchronous motors up to 4T
  • Hot water circulation pumps
  • slurry pumps
  • Engine Starters Electromagnetic and Hydraulic Brakes