Excavation and

Field constructions

We offer a 60-month warranty for the work done.

Warranty and post-warranty service within 24 hours of reporting a defect.

We provide

  • Laying of supply lines - hot water pipes, gas pipes, water pipes, sewers, electrical cables
  • Repairs of watercourses and reservoirs
  • Synchronous motors and generators
  • Expansion of ponds
  • Repairs and consolidation of surfaces
  • demolition work
  • Transport

Technical Equipment

  • Crawler excavator CAT 312 - 2x
  • Backhoe loader CAT 432D
  • Skid steer loaders CAT 246
  • Tatra T815 S3 + trailer - 2x
  • Avia A 31T container
  • Low loader for transporting the technology
  • Tandem vibratory roller (serrated) ""Bomag BMP 851"" (1,548 T)
  • Tandem vibratory roller (serrated) ""Weber TRC 86F"" (1.39 T)
  • Vibrating plate (192 Kg)
  • Vibrating plate (98 kg)
  • Vibration tamper - 3x asphalt saw engine (generator) Honda 220V-1.7 kW
  • Power engine (generator) Honda 380V-4.0 kW



  • Stage Makro
  • Connection for the area Scania
  • Connection for the area Vodní stavby
  • Branch 7 Alfmeier
  • Connection for the area Panasonic
  • Connection for the municipality Nová Hospoda
  • Connection for the area IZOS
  • Connection for the area FUJI KOYO
  • Connection for the area KOYO SEIKO
  • Connection for the area DAIHO
  • Connection for the Křižíkovo Gymnasium
  • Stage II. Univerzitní, Mercedes
  • Stage II. Panasonic
  • Stage II. Nová Hospoda CPT
  • Connection for the area Český truhlář
  • Connection for the area BP Plast
  • Regeneration Škoda II. Stage
  • Regeneration Škoda III. Stage


  • Kozolupy
  • Chrást u Plzně
  • Borek
  • Ledce
  • STL gas pipeline Holoubkov
  • RS and gas connection Svojkovice


  • Sewerage and aqueduct in Holoubkov
  • Water pipe in Ledce
  • Water pipe in Příšov
  • Regeneration of Škoda I. and II. Stage
  • Velké Přílepy - all supply lines